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Tigger in ThoughtMy sister and nieces thought than instead of an Easter egg, I would prefer a Tigger suit. They were right.

When my friend invited me to join them at the bar I foolishly thought that that meant drinking.

Rebekah had just been for a swim down at Penberth and is never very shy when it comes to having her picture taken.

Emma was enjoying the water down at Pry.

Mum, Sarah and the girls enjoying some late Summer sun.

Emma is trying to catch the moon.

Mum and all her daughters and grand daughters at David's wedding.

There's been plenty of sand in Porthcurno bay  this year, you've been able to walk from Porthcurno to Logan Rock a number of times.

It's not often that you will find a picture of me on this site. My brother in law, Jeff was in charge of my camera while I was looking after the duck race.

The cliff have looked amazing this year especially those looking towards Logan Rock.

In the snow we had a while ago mum was out doing her Ski Sunday impression, she didn't spot Rebekah lying in ambush.

Favell looked as if he was hiding from Helen, in fact he was trying to find a sunny spot out of the wind.

The Flat in SnowThe road down to the cove looked lovely in the recent snow we had in Penberth.

Auntie Jean and Uncle Arthur enjoying some Autumn sunshine.

Keith and MumMum is pictured here with her brother Keith.

Auntie MildredAuntie Mildred was wrapped up against some unseasonal April weather.

Helmet HeadOn Boxing Day after lunch we all took a stroll down to Penberth, whilst looking around we found thid helmet that had been washed up.

At the end of 2007 Favell was still cutting the grass well in to the winter months.

The Barry B and her crewClaire took our new punt out on its maiden voyage.

Mum and Claire were enjoying a spot of summer sunshine. 

Emma sheltering from the rainEmma found an alternative use for the trug when it started to rain.

I seem to take alot of pictures of sunrises in the cove, but it's easy just to take a short walk if I get up early enough.

Mat pulled his boat well out of the way during bad weather.

After a storm Richard was out checking the slip for any damage.

Penny can never pass up a good bonfireMum is never happier than when tending a good bonfire. Penberth's answer to Charlie Dimmock!!!!!

The NookThis is the Nook, home to my Grandmother. It's tucked away in Penberth, if you didn't know where to look you probably couldn't find it.

Mum in th polytunnelMum is never far away from some comedy headgear.

Bad weather coming 31.1.04Matt and Richard were keeping a watchful eye on the weather.

Jean and Arthur Thomas enjoying themselves at their home, The Nook Penberth.

Helen and her honeyPenberth Honey in the making. Helen was just keeping an eye on her bees.