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A good family friend from Austrailia, Jozy Sutton sent me this picture of Auntie Mildred and my older sister Sarah.

I came across this photo of me while sorting some files out. I still have that fishing rod.

Penberth Fishing FleetWhen I was younger, this was the fishing fleet at Penberth. If this picture was taken today there would only be about 4 full time fishermen.

Mum and Sarah looking very much younger.

Dad and a great big pollackThis picture was sent by Robert George(he took the picture), he and my dad used to fish together a bit when they were in their teens.

This is the late Tommy Thomas, one of the many characters that lived in the cove. He is making withy crabpots. His crabpot stand was just above the Thatched Cottage.

Treen WIThere maybe a few familiar faces here.
The Treen WI on an outing.

George and the MonkfishThis is my Uncle, George Batten.  He found a monkfish in the weed after a storm.

This picture is taken from an old postcard, it shows the fisherman using the capstain to pull the boats up

Leslie Trewern is on his rounds.         The lady on the left is my gran ( Valerie George )

A Grumpy SailorAs a child Neil George did not think much of sailing.

Grandad Mum SisterThis is Grandad, my Mum and my older sister.
The picture is taken from the turning space where the black garage once stood.

My GranThis is my Gran, Val George sitting on the stones infront of the capstain.

Father BobThis is my Great Grandad Bob, he was known by everybody as Father Bob.
He is the father of the 3 boys in the picture below.
( thanks for the picture Christian)

The George BoysThese three stunners are the George Boys
Teddy, Ronald and Bobby they are stood in front of their workshop that was known as Bobs Shop.

The George BoysBobby and Teddy George were members of the Treen LSA .

landing the fishBarry Batten ( Dad ) & Teddy George ( Grandad ) landing fish in the old wooden boxes.