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Penberth is tucked away ( it seems ) from the rest of the world right down in the far South west of Cornwall.
Penberth is a small but functioning fishing cove with a population of around 20 to 30 people.
At one stage you would have seen about 15 working boats on the slip at the cove but because of the decline In fish stocks and fishing in general there are only 4 Full Time fisherman working from Penberth.

The cove is now a dog restricted area due to health regulations. The footpath for dog walkers is sign posted (not very clearly tho).

Teddy George

If anyone has been to Penberth before , you would have probably met Teddy George .
Grandad was the font of all knowledge of all things nautical. He will be greatly missed.

This is as far as you can drive with your car.From here it is just a short walk to the cove .

on the way to the cove

Phil's Post Box

It sometimes seems hard to really believe you are in the 21st C.

top of the slip

If you stand on the bridge the footpath you see the very steep cliff path that will lead you to Treen or the Logan Rock ( the pub or the actual rock ).

The path know goes behind the winch house as it is to dangerous to walk that way.